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pea is amazing and pea’s souda is the blog that made me care about shsl despair and think about how mukuro fit in with them and pea is an amazing writer who manages to develop souda in rp time without sliding away from canon like an escaped dog and pea is amazing and tbh tbh tbh if you don’t think tumblr user despairsmechanic is the best blog u follow then like

what are u doing with yr life

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                                  Taken aback by the all too warm greeting, the creatures instincts kicked in abruptly. It’s back arched into a sharp curve of defense, claws braced the ground for he was ready to attack the man before him if he proved to be a threat. 

                              For some reason all of these warm greetings had set him on edge, not used to smiling faces or gentle words of comfort directed towards him.



♕—-➸ The creature didn’t seem like it was going to harm her. She breathed a small sigh of relief…and a slight shudder at the sound of popping bones. It was a monster, after all, and each one had their own horrifying aspects. Still, it intrigued her. Where had it come from? Why wasn’t it killing her? Unfortunately, it appeared to lack a mouth, so Sonia doubted she could ask it questions. But…maybe it had a name.

Leaning down, she crossed one ankle in front of the other and tugged at the corners of her skirt; a shoddy curtsey, for she did not dare take her eyes off the leviathan-likeness. "My name…is Sonia Nevermind." She stood up straight again, sad eyes roaming over the creature. She timidly took a step forwards.


"Do you…have a name?"


                                              Empty sockets stared blankly at the small lady before him, curiosity now piqued he decided to approach her—but of course with great caution. Once he straightened his neck back out, popping sounds once more making their return, while using his arms he dragged himself to close the gap between them he was so eager to keep up earlier.

"Do you…have a name?"

                                      He nodded, nudging her back with the back of his hand he began to messily draw it out on the ground with one claw. Ok so how did letters work? He started off with a messy T next was the O and soon to follow was the R..

                                Damn, writing is hard.

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terrortaurus: [ But the real question here is; can Torvas EAT it? ]

fun ideas for you and your demonic pet: harvesting the corpses of virgins 

sounds like one hell of plan m’just sayin



                        There was surprise blatant upon the planes of her visage as viridescent hues
                  took in the lonesome figure collapsed upon the dirt. A pause in her steps was caused
                  at the appearance, the sounds emitted that grated upon her ears in their inhuman
                  qualities & yet the emotions that caused such cries to be let into the air did not go
                  unnoticed, so well transmitted were they. A twist of her lips & a furrow of her brows
                  & she had always been told to beware of strangers no matter what ——- a sentiment
                  she herself oft passed down to those younger & within earshot ——- but those cries …

                                                 ❝   E — Excuse me?
                                                       Are you alright?  ❞

                        A silly question, a ridiculous question to even her ears as Sarah stepped closer,
                  closer, closer still until she moved to kneel beside the prone form, a singular hand
                  hand lifted, hovering uncertainly as if wishing to lay a comforting touch yet unaware
                  as to where —- or if such a thing would even be accepted, the hand of an unknown
                  girl & again, there went a twist of lips, teeth grazing, finding purchase like a lock
                  holding tight before releasing with an exhalation.

                        & she was acting as if this lone figure was a wild animal, more likely to snap &
                  to bite than anything else & how ridiculous, how horrible of her & surely her late
                  grandmother was rolling in her grave, that former humanitarian —- not to mention
                  how her actions, hesitation was caused by the break up of her parents, the absence
                  of a proper mother figure once her acting skills had taken root & grown into something
                  described as bigger than anyone else could possibly imagine. Why Sarah wished to
                  follow in her footsteps was yet to be determined.

                        Suddenly her hands were moving, burrowing into the bag at her side & rooting
                  around until something was in her grasp & pulled out —- a sandwich she had made
                  & taken for lunch yet had never gotten around to actually ingesting, far too busy with
                  activities at first & then the group she had recently departed from had all gone out to
                  eat, leaving the packed food dejected in black foux leather.❝ Here. ❞ she stated, 
                  holding it out & crinkling the wrapper a bit with her fingers.❝ A sandwich. Eat.❞


                                                Near close to tears he was not capable of making the creature continued his pitiful wails of pain as his lower intestines started to churn in attempts to eat themselves for its goal was meant to end the misery that was his existence. If you think about it, this was a fitting end for him wasn’t it? Creatures like him were supposed to be fierce, destroying anything and anyone in their paths. Eating until their hunger was content then after that eat some more.

                                So wouldn’t you consider this laughable? A monster, dragging itself around in search of food and now collapsing out of exhaustion and hunger when it should be stuffed to the point of sickness.

"A sandwich. Eat."

                           Was this God showing him mercy? Or was this another practical joke on the never ending laugh that was his existence, or was this genuine kindness this girl was offering him?

                        Never look a gift horse in the mouth they always say.

               Without so much of a ‘thank you’ Torvas had a sudden jolt of energy as he jerked forward to snatch the sandwich from the girls hand with the jaw of his maw, only succeeding in knocking it from her hands and to the floor. As though that was going to stop him from eating it. He wasn’t what you would call picky.

                         Smashing his face to the dirt ground Torvas made quick work with his mouth and the sandwich, snatching up the sandwich like an animal and taking some chunks of dirt with it. He didn’t even chew, but instead swallowing it whole—dirt, sandwich and all.

                               It wasn’t exactly filling but damn was it better than nothing.

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gummii-chemist: *You hop down from his neck and stand on his shoulder with a big smile. Maybe he does remember you! Does he? You can't exactly determine his thoughts because he doesn't really have distinct facial features.* t0rvas, yt's me, gummy! fr0m, lyke, f0rever ag0! *You tilt your head* d0 y0u remember me?~

                                    He would frown but he was lacking a mouth to do so, so instead he plucked the small creature from his shoulders and held her up so he could look at her eye level.

M’sorry for using the same ol’ greetings over and over again but I refuse to let my hard work go to waste. Besides Im kinda’ tired and I can’t exactly think of anything else. So until someone actually replies to the previous ones I made I ain’t makin no new ones.


 Hunger was never a good feeling in Torvas’ case, sadly this was a issue that ran into him a bit more often than he’d like. Torvas could feel his insides churn and rumble, demanding that his stomach be filled with something that could cease the pain. There weren’t that many animals that he could catch thanks to his condition, and when he moved the pain became even more unbearable than before.

                     Not even he could wish this suffering upon his most hated of enemies, no, never this pain was something not even a monster could stand.

                    Unable to take it anymore the corners of his mouth begin to fidget and bubble, as though something was trying to force its way out from its hidden jaws. Next his leather like skin that held itself together so cleanly had begun in the horrifying process of ripping itself apart in an even more eager manor than normal. The sound of flesh tearing would make anyone cringe if they were not used to it. Black tar that was his saliva pooled and from his now gaping jaws, long thick strands has dripped down to the pulsating hole within his chest. He huffed and sputtered, and a worm like tongue slither from the gaping depths of his mouth and hanged outside his mouth as though he was some kind of dog.

                          Then he collapsed face first into the dirt. Pitiful wails escaped its throat, inhuman but none the less helpless and frightened. Torvas couldn’t take it anymore, he wanted to die where he laid if it meant for the pain to stop.